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This year's County Convention was held on June 5, 2021 at East Aurora Post #362, East Aurora, New York


  • Commander Gary Wald from East Aurora Post #362
  • Vice Commander Paul Wackowski from David McKeever Post #64
  • Vice Commander Fred Pask from L. L. Tillman Post #900
  • Vice Commander Ted Balbierz from Milton J. Broushidle Post #205
  • Finance Officer Joseph Porempski from Kensington Post #708
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Ray Borawski from Milton J. Brounshidle Post #205

Legionnaire of the Year

Rurh Ann Coppola from Milton J. Brounshidle Post #205

Law and Order Awards:

Law Enforcement Category:

Officer Timothy Melber, nominated by Milton J. Brounshidle Post #205

Police Officer Timothy Melber responded to a suicide attempt by a male who had cut his own throat with a knife and that he was bleeding from the neck. Officer Melber responded quickly to the scene and made contact with the subject who was lying on a bed still holding a large fishing knife. Officer Melber calmly, yet assertively, commanded the subject to drop the knife, to which he complied. With the knife secured, Officer Melber immediately started addressing the medical needs of the male.  The male had obvious knife wounds to his neck with copious amounts of blood corning from them.
Officer Melber used his training and emergency medical technician experience to treat the male. He did not hesitate and began packing the wounds with gauze and applying pressure to the wound. The male was subsequently transported to the hospital and survived his wounds. Officer Melber's training, experience, and determination were crucial in saving this male' s life.


Firefighter Catagory: 

James Chatham & Nicholas Thompson nominated by Milton J. Brounshidle Post #205

At approximately 12:30 am on March 12, 2021, Sheridan Park Fire District #4 was dispatched to the address of the EMS call to evaluate a possible carbon monoxide issue.
Captain Chatham and Firefighter Nicholas Thompson donned breathing apparatus and wearing full personal protective equipment made entry into the apartment. Firefighter Thompson had a multi gas meter while Captain Chatham had a thermal imaging camera (TIC).
On entry they had been told that no one else was in the apartment. Once inside the apartment Captain Chatham relayed that Carbon Monoxide levels were extremely high and were rapidly increasing.
As they moved deeper into the apartment Captain Chatham scanned a bedroom with the TIC and saw a faint heat source on the bed. He quickly did a sweep of the bed and found a teenage female under multiple blankets in a deep sleep and removed her to safety.
Around this time an adult, being treated by paramedics, stated there were others in the apartment. Firefighter Thomson was able to quickly search another bedroom and discovered a 9 year-old female sleeping in a bed. He quickly effected a rescue, picking her up and brought her out of the hazardous atmosphere to the waiting paramedics.
It was considered probable that these children may have died had they been in that hazardous atmosphere with the deadly levels of carbon monoxide for another thirty minutes. All occupants were treated by the Town of Tonawanda Paramedics and transported to hospitals. One child was transferred to Syracuse for hyperbaric treatment.
The actions of Sheridan Park Captain Chatham and Firefighter Thompson to locate and rescue the two children was instrumental to a successful and positive outcome, with all occupants rescued alive and treated for acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Membership Award

Milton J. Brounshidle Post #205 received an award for achieving 101% of its membership goal.

History Book Award